Intensive Care

For Your Printer

Inkjet printers can become clogged if the ink dries out through not being used for a long period. The printer’s own maintenance routine usually fixes this, but there are also times when manual cleaning is needed.

We are a small UK company, established in 2008, providing materials and advice for cleaning printers. There are how-to videos on our product pages and we are easy to contact if you have questions.

We have a range of cleaning kits compatible with Epson, Brother HP and Canon printers. The cleaning solution is suitable for unblocking dye, pigment, sublimation and edible inks. It works quickly, and no expertise is needed.


Simple to use

Contains everything you need to quickly unblock inkjet printers and fix streaky or discoloured print


After-sales support

Comes with comprehensive instructions and troubleshooting tips, plus fantastic after-sales tech support



Compatible with nearly all models of desktop inkjet printer using dye, pigment, sublimation or edible inks

I thought my Epson XP-440 printer was dead. You were its last chance.
With the help of Printhead Hospital my printer is working just as it did the first day I took it out of the box!

Rev. Robert S Bush J.D.


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