Cleaning Kits for Epson Printers


  • Simple fix for treating clogged Epson desktop printers. (Printer must be clear of all error messages before use
  • Contains everything you need to quickly unblock inkjet printers and fix streaky or discoloured print
  • Compatible with Stylus, Workforce and Ecotank printers as well as the R series
  • Not compatible with commercial printers (plotters), the R3000 and Stylus pro series.
  • The Artisan 835 printer requires a different method (please contact us for the how-to video)
  • Compatible with dye, pigment, sublimation and edible inks
  • Safe, alcohol-free formula dissolves ink within 30mins of application
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions and troubleshooting tips, plus fantastic after-sales tech support
  • Established in 2008. Get in touch with our UK-based customer service by email or telephone: we’d love to help you fix your printer!
  • Perfect for preparing a printer for CISS installation
  • We recommend using fresh ink after cleaning: old ink can cause the head to reclog
  • 150ml is sufficient for 30 cleans

Inkjet printers use rapid-drying ink, which is great for preventing smudges, but it has a tendency to dry out and clog up the head if the printer is inactive. This is why it’s important to keep the power connected to the printer: it performs periodic head cleans by sucking ink from the cartridges through the head into the waste ink tank. 

Similarly, cartridges should not be allowed to run dry before replacement: any air in the ink pathway can prevent flow, causing streaky or discoloured printouts as if it were blocked. It’s also the reason why manual cleaning the head can cause colours to stop printing (yes, we have a fix for this!).

If you think your printhead is blocked, run the nozzle test or print quality routine on your printer. This will show you which colours are blocked and offer the option of running the printer’s own maintenance or cleaning cycle to try and fix it. Try this a few times, or until you stop seeing any improvement: if it gets worse then change the ink as it might be that that’s causing the issue.

You can also try printing pages of solid colour (PDF here) but if nothing seems to be working you might benefit from the cleaning kit. The fluid dissolves dried ink and purges air from the head and can also be used to revive the capping station sponge. This kit has been developed since 2008 to be fast, effective and safe.

Printer cleaning requires a supply of fresh ink and carries a small risk of damage to the printer. As such, we only recommend using cleaning when other methods (such as the inbuilt cleaning function) have already been tried, and when the printer has no functional use unless fixed.

Keep out of the reach of children. Eye protection must be worn.

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