The cleaning kits are designed for use with inkjet printers and are compatible with all water-based types of ink such as dye,


HP, Canon and Epson printers

Connects to a syringe to allow fluid to be injected through most Canon, HP and Epson printers


17oz Cleaning Fluid

Cleans water-based inks (dye, pigment, sublimation)
Safe for use with edible-ink printers


10-pack Blotting Paper

10 sheets of A5 (6”x4”) 350GSM card
Twice the thickness of standard blotting paper

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“The Print Hospital kit was recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for over a year. My experience as well is excellent!! A big thank you to the team at Print Hospital! You have not only sorted my Epson printer you have also saved me the expense of buying a new printer and the thought of expensive call out charge. Great product & great service! Thanks you”

Mark Smith

Epson Printer Owner

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