Intensive Care for Your Printer


Our founder treated his first patient (an Epson SX515w) in the wonderful seaside town of Redcar, England, in 2008 and has been curing blocked printer nozzles all over the world ever since.

Cleaning printers can be quick and simple. It can also be frustrating and expensive. If you find yourself in the second group, we’re here for you, providing one-to-one technical service from people with hands-on experience of cleaning printers.

We’re a small company and put customer care first. If we don’t get your printer fixed 100% we send a refund through our guarantee [link]. We don’t sell anything else, won’t send you any marketing emails and won’t pass your details on to anyone else, unless you ask us to. You’re human. So are we.


Print Perfect Guarantee

If you cannot fix your printer we offer technical support backed by a refund guarantee.



Check if our kits are compatible with your printer below or send us an email


Customer Care

Our kits are only useful if they clean your printer, so if unsuccessful we will send a £10.00 refund

Printer Cleaning Kits

The cleaning kits are designed for use with inkjet printers and are compatible with all water-based types of ink such as dye, pigment, sublimation and edible ink. With the exception of Brother printers, the kits work with all printers where the cartridges are installed into the moving printhead. Other ink-feed designs tend to contain a valve that prevents injection of fluid through the head. If your printer has this design, our advice would be to replace the printer. ‘Cleaning cartridges’ are another option but we don’t offer them.

Some HP and Canon printers use cartridges with inbuilt printheads: recognised by the brown tape and gold printhead on the underside of the cartridge. These can be cleaned with wet paper towel and apparent blockages are often due to low ink rather than any problem with the head.

Click on the Image below to go straight to the product page of your printer cleaning kit or check if your printer is compatible and contact us and we’ll reply within 24 hours.






  • Cleaning Adapters for Epson, HP & Canon Printers
  • 17oz cleaning Fluid
  • 10-pack blotting paper

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“The Print Hospital kit was recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for over a year. My experience as well is excellent!! A big thank you to the team at Print Hospital! You have not only sorted my Epson printer you have also saved me the expense of buying a new printer and the thought of expensive call out charge. Great product & great service! Thanks you”

Mark Smith

Epson Printer Owner