Cleaning Kit for Epson XP Printers


  • Simple to use
  • No tools required
  • $15 refund if your printer isn’t fixed
  • Responsive after sales service


  • All Epson inkjet printers EXCEPT models where the cartridges are remote to the printhead e.g. PX/Artisan 8xx series, R3000 series, Stylus Pro series. Ecotank and Supertank series
  • Includes adapter for Expression Premium (XP) series 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx
  • Printer must be clear of all error messages before use, including “clean printer head”
  • We strongly recommend using fresh ink after cleaning

5oz kit $18.00

17oz kit $24.00

How to Clean Epson XP Printers

Cleans nearly all models of Epson XP printers. Simple to use and contains everything you need: just ensure you have a fresh ink cartridge for the colour(s) being cleaned and can activate the ‘clean head’ function.

Each kit Contains

  • 150ml cleaning fluid
  • 1 cleaning manifold
  • 10ml syringe
  • Connector tubing
  • Resuable latex free gloves
  • Blotting paper
  • Laminated instruction cared (including trouble shooting tips)